Facebook stalking taken to a new level

This New York restaurant takes Facebook stalking to a new level You won't be able to hide from New York's Eleven Madison Park, the restaurant which knows all about you. As New York's Alan Sytsma explains at Grub Leer más

American Hustle

Who says what about … American Hustle This new film from director, David O Russell, has been nominated for no less than ten Oscars, including Best Picture. In that category, it’s up against some stiff competition Leer más

Make Valentine’s Day a Feat of Love

The aphrodisiac qualities of food have been a part of romanticfolklore since Eve handed Adam that apple in the Garden of Eden. Today, there’s no easier way to add a touch of je ne sais quoi to Valentine’s Day than Leer más

Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana

Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana Pro-marijuana campaigners have worked for the legalization of marijuana for a long time, about four decades. Last week they saw their efforts rewarded when Washington legislators finally caved to pressure and Leer más

Mandela: The Life of a Great Leader

There were many sad passings of inspirational figures in 2013 from diverse walks of life, Margaret Thatcher, Lou Reed, Seamus Heaney to name just a few.  The man who left us the most legacy Leer más

5 Ways to Start the New Year Right!

Health Body, Healthy Mind: 5 Ways to Start the New Year Right! Oh no! It’s that time of the year again. You’re a year older and you’re faced with 2013’s list of New Year’s Resolutions. If Leer más

VIDEO: Energy Drinks

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sodaWatch the video below which shows the story of a mother who has tried to prevent children from drinking energy drinks which are high in sugar and caffeine. One of the biggest market leaders has threatened to sue her if she does not retract her statement. Which side of the argument do you agree with? Perhaps the video will help to make your mind up.

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Nuevo vocabulario

make your mind up = to make a decision

caffeine = a mild chemical stimulant found in tea, coffee, energy drinks etc

to retract = to take back or withdraw

to sue = to appeal against something in court

beverage = a drink or refreshment

atrocious = extremely bad

VIDEO: Top 10 Places to Visit Before They Disappear

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shutterstock_31926499Watch the video below which shows the top 10 places in the world which you should visit before they disappear. The video gives brief explanations of why these places might disappear in the near future, because of global warming, rising sea levels, diminishing building structures, farming , natural disasters and others.

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Nuevo vocabulario

global warming (n.) = increase in the atmosphere’s temperature with serious effects

natural disaster (n.) = any force of nature that has destructive consequences

hurricane (n.) = a destructive storm with strong wind

flood (n.) = an overflow of water onto land that is normally dry

submerged (adj.) = beneath the surface of the water; underwater

decade (n.) = a period of 10 years


VIDEO: Micro Apartments in Japan

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In our video blog this week, we are taking a look into the amazing world of micro apartments in Japan. In the video you can see exactly how people manage to live in such a small space with very modern kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

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  • Do you think you could live in a micro apartment?
  • What do you think would be the best and worst thing about living in one?



Nuevo vocabulario

Micro = very small and basic

Rammed into = put in place by force

Double as = to serve as two different uses

Trend = Something currently in style or becoming increasingly popular

Architect = Someone who designs and supervises the construction of buildings

Slivers of land = Small narrow pieces of land

Abode = a place in which someone lives; a home

Maze = A physical situation in which it is easy to get lost

VIDEO: Brit Awards 2013

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6657-brit_awards_2013_420x250The Brit Awards are an annual pop music show which recognises the achievements of musicians and singers from around Great Britain  and who have had international success. They have many different categories such as Best Male Solo, Best Female Solo and a new category in 2013 called Global Success.

This year saw many live performances from artists such as Emili Sandé, Muse and One Direction. In recent years, a British designer creates a new theme for each award. The award for 2013 included in this image was designed by Damien Hirst and featured polka dots. Previous years have seen the Union Jack flag being featured on the award and ared, white and blue pattern the year before that. Watch the video below to see the highlights from this year:

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Nuevo vocabulario

achievements (n.) = something accomplished through superior ability, skill or effort

performance (n.) = a musical, dramatic or other entertainment presented in front of an audience

designer (n.) = a person who executes or designs works of art or structures

polka dots (n.) = a dot or round spot repeated to form a pattern

gigs (n.) = concerts; where musicians perform for their fans

to be stoked (v.) = to be very pleased or elated

speech (n.) = a form of communication in spoken language of a pre-written text

VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence nominated for Oscar

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jenniferlawrenceThis week we bring you a video about the actress, Jennifer Lawrence who stars in the movie ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. She is nominated for an Oscar award for her in the role and many are hoping she can turn silver into gold. Watch the video below to hear her talking about her acting career and how she has suddenly been tipped to win her Oscar:

Nuevo vocabulario

strong contender (n.) = likely to be the winner in a competition

glam (adj.) = short for ‘glamorous’ meaning beautiful and smart

nerve-wracking (adj.) = intensely distressing or irritating to the nerves

adrenaline (n.) = a hormone triggered in response to anger, fear or stress

countdown (n.) = the act of counting backwards towards an event

refreshing (adj.) = pleasantly fresh and different

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VIDEO: Pancake Tuesday

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pancakes1Known as ‘Pancake Tuesday’ in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, Shrove Tuesday is the first day of lent where pancakes are made and eaten during the day. Throughout schools and neighbourhoods, pancake flipping competitions are organised on this day. The reason why pancakes are eaten is because rich foods such as eggs, milk and sugar cannot be consumed during the fasting period linked to this old tradition. The video below shows how to make the perfect pancake:

Nuevo vocabulario

lent (n.) =  an annual season of fasting in preparation for Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday and lasting 40 weekdays to Easter

pancake (n.) = a thin, flat cake of batter fried on both sides in a frying pan

fasting (n.) = when you limit the intake of certain foods for medical or religious reasons

tradition (n.) = a continuing pattern of cultural beliefs or practices

to flip (v.) = to turn something over in a quick rapid gesture

to whisk (v.) = to mix together eggs, cream etc with a beating instrument

batter (n.) = a mixture of flour, eggs, milk or water beaten together for cooking

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VIDEO: Superbowl Highlights

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shutterstock_37874410The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the United States, concluding a season that begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year. In the US, the Super Bowl is frequently the most-watched television programme every year and one of the most-watched sporting programmes in the world.



Nuevo vocabulario

quarterback (n.) = positioned usually behind the centre player on the field

cringe-worthy (adj.) = something which causes feelings of embarrassment

breathless (adj.) = without breath or breathing with difficulty

halftime (n.) = a break period which divides the two halves of a sporting event

to lip-sync (v.) = singing while miming the words to a pre-recorded track

blackout (n.) = a period of massive power failure resulting in darkness

homeless (adj.) = without a home

winner (n.) = someone who succeeds to win usually in sports or games

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VIDEO: Lance Armstrong

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shutterstock_4087399Lance Armstrong is an American former professional road cyclist who won the Tour de France competition a massive, SEVEN consecutive times. In 2012, he was disqualified from his title after he was found to be using performance-enhancing drugs, and he was banned from competing professionally for life. This video reports on an interview he did with Oprah where he admits to using the banned substances.

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Nuevo vocabulario

consecutive (adj.) = something happening one after the other

to be disqualified (verb) = when you become no longer eligible to do something

substances (noun) = referring to drugs; materials of a particular kinds

to come clean (idiom) = to make a confession about something

slew (noun) = a lot of

bully (noun) = someone who acts in an overbearing or intimidating manner

disloyal (adj.) = not being loyal or faithful

VIDEO: Brazil’s Secret Nature

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Today Love Speaking brings you a very interesting video about the nature and wildlife of Brazil with a National Geographic photographer narrating the types of creatures and experiences you can find there. Take note of any new vocabulary highlighted at the bottom of the blog which you will hear including in the video.



Nuevo vocabulario

fearsome (adj.) = Capable of causing fear

elusive (adj.) = Difficult to capture or to elude perception

rodent (n.) = a category of small mammels (e.g. rats, mice, squirrels)

wildlife (n.) = Wild animals and plants living in natural surroundings

agonizing (adj.) = using great effort or struggle

aggressive (adj.) = inclined to behave in an actively hostile manner

believer (n.) = someone who has confidence or faith in something

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VIDEO: Les Miserables interview

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Les Miserables is taking over the box office and music album charts after it’s successful opening week. For today’s video blog, Love Speaking brings you an interview from the Sydney movie premiere where Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe discuss the new hit.

Nuevo vocabularo

Premiere (n.) = the first public showing of the movie

Rehearsals (n.) = used to practice the script before filming the scenes

Chorus (n.) = a group of people singing together in unison

Dynamic (adj.) = continuously changing and being different

To resonate (v.) = to create a feeling of shared emotion or belief 

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