Facebook stalking taken to a new level

This New York restaurant takes Facebook stalking to a new level You won't be able to hide from New York's Eleven Madison Park, the restaurant which knows all about you. As New York's Alan Sytsma explains at Grub Leer más

American Hustle

Who says what about … American Hustle This new film from director, David O Russell, has been nominated for no less than ten Oscars, including Best Picture. In that category, it’s up against some stiff competition Leer más

Make Valentine’s Day a Feat of Love

The aphrodisiac qualities of food have been a part of romanticfolklore since Eve handed Adam that apple in the Garden of Eden. Today, there’s no easier way to add a touch of je ne sais quoi to Valentine’s Day than Leer más

Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana

Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana Pro-marijuana campaigners have worked for the legalization of marijuana for a long time, about four decades. Last week they saw their efforts rewarded when Washington legislators finally caved to pressure and Leer más

Mandela: The Life of a Great Leader

There were many sad passings of inspirational figures in 2013 from diverse walks of life, Margaret Thatcher, Lou Reed, Seamus Heaney to name just a few.  The man who left us the most legacy Leer más

5 Ways to Start the New Year Right!

Health Body, Healthy Mind: 5 Ways to Start the New Year Right! Oh no! It’s that time of the year again. You’re a year older and you’re faced with 2013’s list of New Year’s Resolutions. If Leer más

VIDEO: Energy Drinks

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sodaWatch the video below which shows the story of a mother who has tried to prevent children from drinking energy drinks which are high in sugar and caffeine. One of the biggest market leaders has threatened to sue her if she does not retract her statement. Which side of the argument do you agree with? Perhaps the video will help to make your mind up.

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Nuevo vocabulario

make your mind up = to make a decision

caffeine = a mild chemical stimulant found in tea, coffee, energy drinks etc

to retract = to take back or withdraw

to sue = to appeal against something in court

beverage = a drink or refreshment

atrocious = extremely bad

VIDEO: Can you take Christmas too far?

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Watch this video which shows the two extreme sides to Christmas. On one hand we have a woman who likes to decorate her house with Christmas trees and lights, and on the other hand we have a father who doesn’t like to give his children presents. What do you think of the two individuals?

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Nuevo vocabulario

homestead (n.) = a dwelling which a family make into a home

fanatics (n.) = people with extreme enthusiasm about something

extravegant (adj.) = exceeding the boundaries of reason

overcome (adj.) = to prevail over something

philosophy (n.) = a persona outlook or viewpoint

VIDEO: Black Friday

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Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. On this day, most major retailers open extremely early and offer promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season. For this reason, shoppers tend to become violent in order to get the best deals. Watch the video below:

Nuevo vocabulario

pursuit (noun): The action of following someone or something

mentality (noun): a habitual or characteristic mental attitude

urgency (noun): a level of importance or immediate need to do something

adrenaline-rush (noun): a sudden burst of energy in certain situations

descend (verb): to go from a higher to a lower place; to go down

VIDEO: Hershey’s Chocolate

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In our video, you can see exactly how chocolate is made from the first step until the final step when the chocolate bars are being packaged. However, in recent news it has been suggested that cocoa is under threat as temperatures become too hot in Africa to grow them properly as a result of climate change. Would you miss chocolate if it could no longer be produced?

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Nuevo vocabulario

thrive (v.) = plants growing heathilymedrar

ferment (v.) = process of conversion with heat = fermentar

roaster (n.) = heater = tostador

cocoa beans (n.) = seed of the cacao tree = granos de cacao

evaporation (n.) = liquid turning to vapour = evaporación

VIDEO: Growing Up in the White House

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Can you imagine what it would be like to live your childhood in one of the most important houses of the United States, the White House? With another 4 years of their Dad as president, Malia Ann and Sasha Obama will continue to grow up in front of the public and on camera. Take a look with the video below:

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Nuevo vocabulario

scrapbook (n.) = album used for cuttings and photos = álbum de recortes

to hoist (v.) = to lift someone up = elevar

marvel (v.) = to be impressed with something = maravillarse

shoulder-to-shoulder (adv.) = to be the same height = a la misma altura

glimpse (n.) = a brief sighting = vistazo

VIDEO: Capuchin monkeys hunt for food

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Capuchin monkeys are a type of monkey found in central and south America. In terms of their physical characteristics, depending on the species you find, capuchin monkeys are black, brown or white but all species have a tail the same length as their bodies. They are mostly considered to be one of the most intelligent monkeys which you can witness from our video below:

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Nuevo vocabulario

resourceful (adj.) = making the most of what is available = ingenioso

shortage (n.) = a lack of = escasez

sharp eye (n.) = keen power of observation = ojo de águila

dexterous (adj.) = skilled use of hands = diestro

delicacy (n.) = highly desirable food from a certain place = delicadeza

brawn (n.) = physical force = fuerza física

nutritious (adj.) = provides nourishment = nutritivo

VIDEO: David Blaine’s latest stunt

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This week’s video blog focuses on another stuntman who has been in the news recently: David Blaine. David Blaine is an American illusionist and endurance artist. He is best known for his high-profile feats of endurance and has starred in his own TV shows where he performs magic and illusions to members of the public. Throughout his career, he has set and broken many world records. Haz click para conocer los mejores Cursos de Inglés Online


Nuevo vocabulario

illusionist (n.)  = performer, magician  =  ilusionista

feat (n.)  =  act of achievement  =  una hazaña

world record (n.)  =  récord del mundo

volt (n.)  =  unit of electronic force  =  un voltio

chainmail (n.)  =  type of armour  =  la cota de malla

to be astounded (v.)  =  to be amazed, overwhelmed  =  estar estupefacto

skeptical (adj.)  =  showing doubt  =  escéptico

UV radiation (n.)  =  radiación ultravioleta 


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