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Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana

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Mandela: The Life of a Great Leader

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It’s time for Halloween!

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Halloween is so close around the corner where the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Fall is almost over and to mark the end of the harvest season, people from all over the world will celebrate Halloween on October 31st. But these days it’s not so much about a harvest- it’s all about scary costumes, candy and having a wicked party! Read this short extract from the magazine and consider signing up for your free trial:

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The origins of Halloween

 Halloween dates back to over 2000 years ago, when the Celtic tribes of Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France celebrated the first “Halloween”. The event, called Samhain, took place on the night of October 31st, officially marking the end of the summer harvest. But for the Celtic people, it was more than a change of season and the beginning of a new year. The cold temperatures often brought death, and the early-setting sun made life difficult for the Celts. Food was scarce and illnesses were rife. The Celtic people needed all of the help and protection that they could get to make it through the winter. Samhain was a celebration to ask for this protection from their gods and gain favour with them. They did this with sacred bonfires, rituals and sacrifices steeped in deep mysticism.
Nuevo vocabulario

Tribe (n.) = a group of people from the same descent = tribu

Rife (adj.) = common = extendido

To gain favour (v.) = to please = complacer

Mysticism (n.) = spiritual beliefs = misticismo  

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Wine tasting in La Rioja

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This week’s magazine feature is about Spain’s La Rioja and the wine that is produced there. In the article, it discusses the difference between two of the vineyards in La Rioja and you can also test your listening skills in the audio section where two friends are speaking about wine tasting. You can read a short extract from the article below:

Magazine extract

If you are in La Rioja you are probably there for the wine. With so many vineyards to choose from, picking the right tasting experience depends a lot on what you like. Two vineyards which offer contrasting experiences are Agrícola Labastida in the hill village Labastida, and Bodega Eguren Ugarte in Páganos. While family-run Agrícola Labastida is small and specialized, Eguren Ugarte is one of the biggest vineyards in La Rioja. Agrícola Labastida develops organic and bio-dynamic wines while Bodegas Eguren Ugarte is less concerned by pesticides. 
Nuevo vocabulario

vineyards (n.) = place where wine grapes are grown = viñedos

hill village (n.) = a village built on top of a hill = pueblo serrano

family-run (adj.) = owned and managed by a family instead of a corporation = familiar

develops (v.) = to create or make = hacer

organic (adj.) = made without use of chemicals or using natural ingredients = orgánico

bio-dynamic (adj.) = a natural approach to processing wine, related to organic = biodinámica

pesticide (n.) = chemicals used in farming and grape growing = pesticida

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The Salem witch trials

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In this week’s Love Speaking magazine, we are taking a look into the supernatural. Below you can read an extract from the features section of the magazine about the Salem witch trials and don’t forget to take a look at the new vocabulary at the end of the blog post.

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The Salem witch trials

More than 300 years ago, trials began to be held in Salem Village. Villagers were being hung to death or taken to prison.  Twenty men and women were killed in total. This all happened because they were accused of being witches, in what became the “Salem Witch Trials.” In Colonial America, everyone believed in the supernatural, and magic was connected with the devil. Satan was blamed for every terrible thing that happened. The trials ended on October 12, when the governor said the evidence used was not enough, simply other villagers saying they had seen others with devils.

Secularists chose this day as a day to celebrate reason. October 12 is now Freethought Day among secular groups. The day is popular in the United States, were many consider that discrimination against freethinkers is everywhere. Freethought day celebrations want to give support to these individuals. The whole month of October is Freethought month, and people in many cities hold festivals throughout the month.

Nuevo vocabulario

To accuse (v.) = to say someone else is guilty of doing something wrong = acusar

Supernatural (adj.) = relating to anything outside the natural world = sobrenatural

Evidence (n.) = any thing that is helpful to form a conclusion or judgment = prueba

Secularist (n.) = someone who is skeptic, especially of religion = secular

Discrimination (n.) = treat someone unfairly because of beliefs, gender, race, etc = discriminación 

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The ‘God’ Particle

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Lee nuestro nuevo post en inglés sobre la partícula ‘Higgs Boson’. Al final del artículo te dejamos nuevo vocabulario para que aprendas cada día un poco más.

In this week’s magazine, our focus is on the ‘God’ particle also known as the Higgs Boson. Read this short extract from the Love Speaking magazine now to learn more:

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The Higgs Boson is a hypothetical particle that gives mass to other particles. Physicists think that after the Big Bang, an invisible field was created. This field is called the Higgs field, and it is everywhere. When particles interact with this field, they gain mass and move more slowly. The Higgs Boson is the smallest part of the field. It is so small, it cannot be observed directly. Scientists recreate the impact, but the Higgs Boson falls apart incredibly quickly.  We can only study the data that is left behind.

The Higgs Boson explains why particles have mass. If they didn’t, then nothing would exist in the universe, therefore neither would we. This particle is essential to helps scientists to explain how the universe works.

Nuevo vocabulario

Mass (n.)  =  the amount of matter in an object  =  masa

Hypothetical (adj.)  = being assumed to exist  =  hipotético

Invisible (adj.)  =   impossible to see  =  invisible

Recreate (v.)  =   to create anew or once more  =  recrear 

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Los Juegos Olimpicos y su efecto sobre las empresas locales en Londres

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Lee nuestro nuevo post en inglés sobre el efecto de los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012 en las empresas locales. Al final del artículo te dejamos nuevo vocabulario para que aprendas cada día un poco más. Haz click para conocer los mejores Cursos de Inglés Online

In this week’s magazine, we take a look back on the London 2012 Olympics and the impact that it had on other businesses throughout the summer. Do you think it was a positive or negative impact?

Read this short extract from the Love Speaking magazine now and see if you can decide:

“The London Olympics are officially over. Although the games faced a lot of criticism, London put on a great show. In fact, the games went off without a hitch. There were no terrorist attacks, travel chaos or security mishaps.  There were, on the other hand, empty hotel rooms, quiet streets and a drop in retail sales.

When London won the bid in 2005, a massive boost to the economy was predicted-over 2 billion pounds in fact.  The recession-hit country would surely welcome the millions of dollars that would flood in from tourists. Not to mention, degenerated areas of London’s east end were being revitalized with new buildings, shopping centres and train stations, amongst other things. The stage was set to welcome thousands of people to London, but strangely, businesses reported anything but a boost.”

Nuevo vocabulario

Criticism  =   to pass judgement  =  crítica

To go off without a hitch  =   to go smoothly  =  funcionar sin problemas

Mishap  =   accident, mistake  =  error

Recession-hit  =  to be experiencing a slow economy  =  afectdada por una desaceleración de la economía

Degenerated  =   run-down, to be in bad condition  = en mal estado

Flood in  =   to arrive in great amounts  =  afluir

Revitalize  =   to renew  =  revitalizar

The stage was set  =   to be prepared and ready for  =  estar preparado

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Los medios y la familia real inglesa

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Do the Royals deserve privacy?


Lee nuestro nuevo post en inglés sobre la familia real inglesa y los derechos a la privacidad. Al final del artículo te dejamos nuevo vocabulario para que aprendas cada día un poco más.

In this week´s magazine, we are focusing on one of the most talked about topics over the past few weeks and asking the question, Do the Royals deserve privacy?

If you are one of the few who still hasn´t heard about the Royal scandals, then this extract from the Love Speaking magazine will fill you in:

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“In the last three weeks there have been two very public invasions into the private lives of the British Royal family. Yet, can the monarchy really expect to remain concealed from their forever fascinated public?

The French gossip magazine Closer has created quite a scandal with the publication of a selection of topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge while she was holidaying privately with her husband Prince William, in the southern French region of Provence last week.

To top it all off, this all follows last month’s humiliation for the royal family when naked pictures of Prince Harry partying in Las Vegas were widely posted online and in the media.”

Nuevo vocabulario

Concealed  =  hidden  =  oculto/a

Topless  =  to be naked above the waist  =  de torso desnudo

To top it all off  =   to make something worse / better  =  encima de todo

Widely  =   in many places  = en muchos sitios = esparcido 

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