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Ive got the references for the candidates

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Key Phrases / Frases clave:

keep in touch = mantenerse en contacto

deadline = fecha límite

she has a lot of strengths = tiene muchas fortalezas

as far as I know = que yo sepa, por lo que yo sé

skills and qualifications = habilidades y títulos

have a seat = siéntate / siéntese

interview people = entrevistar a gente

bump into each other = nos tropezamos/cruzamos

work as a team = trabajar en equipo

hard-working = trabajador (adj.)

Read the conversation below / Lee la conversación de abajo:

A: Hi Robin, do you have a minute? I’d like to talk you through the applications for job number FD/395. I’ve got the references for the candidates.

B: Ah, the Oslo job. Sure, come in and have a seat.

A: OK. So, we have Christina Noonan, she’s Irish. She is an experienced sales advisor in our Dublin branch.

B: What exactly does she do ?

A: She advises customers, processes customers’ orders and deals with queries and complaints.

B: And what does her reference say?

A: Well, it says she has a vast knowledge of mobile technology, she is reliable and popular with colleagues and customers.

B: That sounds excellent.  What languages does she speak?

A: Well, that’s a bit of a problem. She speaks only English.

B: Oh, what a pity. She sounds like a perfect candidate but the job requires knowledge of French or German. Now what about the other candidate?

Do the exercise below / Haz el ejercicio de abajo:

the “I’ve got the references for the candidates” quiz!


Congratulations – you have completed the “I’ve got the references for the candidates” quiz!.

You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%.

Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%

Your answers are highlighted below.


Shaded items are complete.
1 2 3 4 5

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The Global Forecast for 2013

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feat1_forecast_BIGThis week’s Love Speaking magazine feature is called ‘The Global Forecast for 2013′ and discusses the highs and lows of 2012 and how we can use them to predict if 2013 will bring good or bad things. Read this short extract for the article and take note of the new vocabulary, and if you want more sign up for your FREE Love Speaking magazine trial to test other sections of the magazine.

After a volatile 2012, another new year is upon us. Some people are going into 2013 with caution, and who can blame them? After all, 2012 wasn’t for the faint of heart. Natural disasters wreaked havoc all around the globe, the financial crisis made little improvement and more families were feeling the squeeze of inflation and unemployment. On a good note, there were many highlights in 2012 too. The Olympics and royal wedding in the UK seemed to bring the world together, if only for a short while in the summer. To much of the world’s relief, Barack Obama was voted in for a second term as the president of the USA. The Curiosity rover landed on Mars and gave us picture-perfect images of the Red Planet, and Felix Baumgartner did an extreme skydive from Space. How can 2013 top that?!

There’s no doubt that 2013 will bring many surprises, both good and bad. Not everyone likes a surprise though, so for now, let’s stick with the forecasted trends for 2013. These predictions are made by global analysts andthink tanks who, at the beginning of every year, publish reports to give us a taste of what’s to come. 

Nuevo vocabulario

volatile (adj.) = having many unexpected changes

the faint of heart (n.) = people who scare easily or aren’t brave

The Red Planet (n.) = Mars

global analyst (n.) = an expert in global economics

think tank (n.) = a group of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems

to give a taste of (idiom.) = to preview, or give a small bit of information on something

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Highlights of 2012

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Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2013 already? Before we move onto the new year, let’s take a look back at the highlights of 2012 as featured in the Love Speaking blog for this week. YOU can try out the Love Speaking magazine for FREE by clicking the link at the bottom of the blog post. What are your personal highlights of 2012?

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Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. This year marked the 60th anniversary of her ascension to the throne of the U.K, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, amongst sixteen other states. She is the only other royal besides Queen Victoria to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee.

The Summer Olympic Games. While they happen every four years, the Olympic Games are a time for the world to come together. With London in the background, the Fab Five, the U.S., female gymnastics team, left everyone amazed; Michael Phelps reached 22 medals, the highest all-time; and Usain Bolt proved to be the fastest man alive yet again. Women had a big role in these Olympics, as they were the first to host female athletes in every single sport.

Re-election of president Obama. After what seemed like an eternity of campaigning, an odd group of political characters, and a billion dollar campaign, President Obama defeated Mitt Romney on the sixth of November.

Nuevo vocabulario

Ascension (n.) = the rise, succession

Host (n.) = the one who receives or entertains others

Eternity (n.) = infinite time, without a a beginning or end

Odd (adj.) = strange, different from what is expected

Campaign (n.) = the competition by rival political candidates

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Could 2012 Be The End Of The World?

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One in every seven people around the world, or fifteen percent, believe the world will end during the course of their lives. U.S., China and Turkey have the most believers, with about 22 percent thinking the end is near. But why 2012? This date comes from the supposed doomsday prophecy made by the Mayan calendar. The prediction says that the world will end on December 21, 2012. Read an extract of the article below:

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Anthropologists have explained that Mayans did make predictions, but these were not fatalistic. They never said anything about the end of the world. The obsession with this thought has been more common in Western thinking.

So why has the prediction gained so much support? Extremists might use this information to abuse the fear of others. There is a lot of money in encouraging people’s fears and releasing books, movies, and related products. It has also received a lot of media attention. The Internet has allowed it to gain much more attention than other panics. There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the subject. NASA offered a special service called “ask an Astrobiologist,” and received thousands of questions on whether people should kill themselves, their children and their pets. It has also appeared on many documentaries and references in television.

Nuevo vocabulario

Doomsday (n.) = the day of the Last Judgment, at the end of the world

Fatalistic (adj.) =  accepting a belief that everything is inevitable

Extremist (n.) = a supporter of extreme practices

Abuse (n.) =  to use incorrectly

Encourage (v.) = to stimulate

Panic (n.) =  a widespread terror

Extreme Weather in 2012

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Climate change has become a hot topic lately, and for good reason. In 2012 the Earth had more than its fair share of extreme weather, and experts predict these incidents are going to increase in number as time goes on. Some people think that climate change is the reason for our extreme weather.

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Let’s take a look at some examples of extreme weather that happened around the world over the past year. Read our Extreme Weather Forecast below:


Heavy rains, flooding and landslides hit Brazil and 13 000 people have to leave their homes. Officials in Brazil estimate that over 2 million people were affected by the bad weather. Chile experiences intense heat, dryness and winds that caused 50 massive wildfires to erupt.  Thousands of people have to evacuate their homes and the country is left with millions of dollars in damages.


Europe has its coldest weather in 25 years and 650 deaths are reported. Blistering cold temperatures and heavy snowfall occurs for several weeks. Poland, Russia and Ukraine are hit the worst.  Record-breaking flooding occurs in Australia and thousands have to abandon their homes. A terrible drought hits Sahel putting over 10 million people, including more than 1 million children, at risk of food shortages.


The USA has its warmest March ever, with record-breaking temperatures reported in every state.

Nuevo vocabulario

Landslide (n) = when a mass of earth or rock slides from a mountain or cliff

Erupt (v) = to become active

Evacuate (v) = to leave a place of danger

Blistering (temperature) (adj) = very intense

Record-breaking (adj) = surpassing any previously established record

New Fall TV Shows: ’666′ Park Avenue, Elementary and more!

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A new round of fresh TV shows have started to air in the United States as the new TV season begins. The challenge is to gain lots of viewers and fans so that the broadcaster can invest more in the show and not cancel it which is what happens to most TV shows. Featured this season are ’666′ Park Avenue, Elementary and Arrow:

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“666” Park Avenue:  Jane and Henry, an innocent couple from the Midwest are hired as managers of an expensive apartment building in Manhattan. The building is owned by a mysterious couple, Gavin Doran and his wife Olivia, who have a hidden past. Strange things start to happen, and we realize that the owners have a connection with the supernatural, so be prepared to be scared.

Elementary: a new adaption of the famous Sherlock Holmes, who is now working in New York for the police, assisted by his companion, Watson, in this case, played by a woman. If you like crime shows like CSI, this one is for you.

Arrow: if you prefer shows about superheroes, Arrow is here to satisfy the fans that were abandoned by Superman. The Green Arrow is one of Superman’s allies, and in this show, is ready to fight the bad guys. 

Nuevo vocabulario

Mysterious (adj.) = Of, relating to, or being a mystery

Adaption (n.) =  a story that has been recast into a new form

Allies (n.) = one who helps or is friends with another 


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Thanksgiving : Turkey, pumpkin pie and much more!

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Thanksgiving is an American holiday which took place this year on 22nd November. Some of the traditions of Thanksgiving include the typical food, such as turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Also before the meal, each member of the family will give thanks.

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In the winter of 1620 a group of pilgrims arrived to Plymouth Rock aboard the Mayflower.  The pilgrims were in a new country, on new land; everything was unfamiliar. It was freezing, they didn’t have food, they didn’t have shelter, they had no idea how to survive.  The local Native American tribe helped the pilgrims by teaching them all the skills they needed to survive, especially how to grow food.  Half of the pilgrims died in the first winter.  When the fall harvest came they had a huge celebration to celebrate that the pilgrims had been able to produce a successful harvest: this illustrate that they had become (or could become) self-sufficient and survive in the new world.  This celebration lasted three days and during the celebration, the pilgrims and Native Americans feasted all together.
Box title

Pilgrim (noun): an original settler in a place that has traveled from far away

Aboard: (adverb): on or in a train, plane, bus, ship, etc.

Shelter (noun): a place that protects you from the outside, such as a house

Harvest (noun):  Season where crops (food grown in fields) are gathered

To illustrate (verb): To show; to prove

To feast (verb): To eat a lot of good food

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Strikes Sweep Europe

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This week’s Love Speaking magazine features an article about the recent strikes across Europe. They are tired of having no jobs, of losing their homes and having to live on the breadline. They blame the banks for the current economic crisis and don’t see why they should have to pay the price while the banks receive government aid funded through public money. Read the rest of this extract below:

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 ‘I’m on strike because those who work are basically being blackmailed into sacrificing more and more in the name of debt reduction, which is a big lie,’ said one protestor, Daniel Santos de Jesus, 43, who is a teacher of architecture at the Lisbon Technical University.

On the 14th of November, many transport services and factories were disrupted and thousands of people marched into city squares in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Athens and Rome.

Iberia, Spain’s national airline and Vueling, the country’s low-budget carrier cancelled up to 600 flights. In Portugal, the country’s flagship carrier, TAP, cancelled 45 percent of its flights.

Likewise only 20 percent of Spain’s long distance trains and a third of its commuter trains were running on Wednesday. The Metro was completely shut down in Lisbon and 10 percent of long distance trains were in service but only after a court order forced them to do so.

Nuevo vocabulario

blackmail (v.) = to force money from someone illegally = chantajear

to sacrifice (v.) = to give something up with great difficulty = sacrificar

debt reduction (n.) = to decrease in money owed = reducción de la deuda

disrupt (v.) = to cause a disruption / to interrupt = interrumpir

flagship (adj.) = important = principal

a court order (n.) = an order that forces people to do something by law = orden judicial

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Green Capitals of Europe

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Not all European cities are created equally when it comes to nature and respect for the environment. Some city governments have passed legislation to build greener metropolises for their residents because of public pressure or forward-thinking politicians. Read our Magazine extract below about the European Green Capital Award:

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What Is the European Green Capital Award?

The European Green Capital Award grew out of an initiative launched by fifteen European cities and the Association of Estonian Cities in 2006 in Tallinn, Estonia. The idea was the brainchild of Jüri Ratas, the former mayor of Tallinn. Their ‘green vision’ was translated into a joint Memorandum to the European Commission establishing an award to recognize cities leading the way in environmentally-friendly urban living.

The award pays tribute to Europe’s ‘greenest’ city based on its performance in relation to ten key factors. These include air quality, sustainable land use, waste management and water consumption. But how do they pick a winner? Interested cities must apply for the award and then convince the board through proof that they are the greenest of the green.

Nuevo vocabulario

launched (v.) = to start a new business = fundar

brainchild (n.) = someone’s idea = creación, idea

joint (adj.) = when work together = conjunto

pay tribute (v.) = to show respect = brindar tributo

waste (n.) = material that is not wanted = desechos

board (n.) = group of people who make a joint decision = consejo 

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American Elections

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How will Americans choose which presidential candidate to cast their vote for  in the election on November 6th? What does each American political party value most highly, and how does the election process work? This is the theme for this week’s Love Speaking magazine features article! Read an extract below:

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American elections: Extract

Disagreement between Democrats and Republicans has lead to social division and turmoil in the US as the November 6th election nears. But what is likely to sway some Americans to vote for Obama, the Democrat, and others for Romney, the Republican? And what values does each presidential candidate’s party represent?

The conservative Republican Party values traditional family structures. The majority of Republicans staunchly oppose gay marriage and abortion, and many Republicans’ views are heavily impacted by the Christian religion. Mitt Romney takes a less conservative stance on these social issues, but is very conservative on economic issues.

Geographically, Americans in the Northeast and on the West Coast tend to vote Democratic, while middle and southern states tend to vote Republican. Some states, like Colorado and Ohio, are considered “swing states” because their voting patterns are inconsistent and they have many independent voters.

Nuevo vocabulario

Turmoil (n.) = Commotion, turbulence = tormenta política

Sway (v.) = to influence = influir

Presidential candidate (n.) = a person running for president = candidato presencial

Staunchly (adv.) = strongly, passionately = incondicionalmente

Independent voters (n.) = voters who are not part of a political party = votantes independientes

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