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Shes got strong negotiating skills but…..

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Key Phrases / Frases clave:

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to bring = traer

to feel = sentir

to improve = mejorar

to offer = ofrecer

to change = cambiar

waste time = perder el tiempo

solve the problem = solucionar el problema

work under pressure = trabajar bajo presión

weaknesses = debilidades

strengths = fortalezas

Read the conversation below / Lee la conversación de abajo:

A: Listen Amanda, what’s your impression of Karen, our supervisor? She doesn’t seem to get on well with the people in the department.

B: No, she doesn’t. She’s always kind of annoyed with everybody, she doesn’t ever praise anyone, she doesn’t even remember our names!

A:  Yeah, she doesn’t appear to enjoy her work anymore.

B: Richard says that she’s got strong negotiating skills.

A: Maybe, but I find working with her a bit difficult on a daily basis. For example, even though I arrive at 9:00 I have to wait an hour for her to turn up because she doesn’t get in until 10:00. Then she has her coffee and reads her mail so she doesn’t really start work much before twelve. I feel that we waste a lot of time every day and I’m sure it doesn’t make a very good impression on our clients. On the other hand, she stays in the office longer than me, and she always gives me that funny look when go home in the evening.

B: Evidently, being in the office from nine in the morning doesn’t count for her! What do your colleagues say about her?

A: She doesn’t really talk to anybody. She’s always busy or in a hurry, or late for a meeting… Many people say she doesn’t give them the support they need.

B: Do you think we should talk to Richard about this?

A: It’s a good idea.

True or false / Verdadero o falso:

1. Karen doesn’t seem to like her job:              T / F

2. She is a good negotiator:                                  T / F

3. She’s always relaxed and friendly:               T / F

4. She gets to work late:                                         T / F

5. She talks a lot during meetings:                     T / F


1. True

2. True

3. False

4. True

5. False

Planes LoveSpeaking


Ive got the references for the candidates

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Key Phrases / Frases clave:

keep in touch = mantenerse en contacto

deadline = fecha límite

she has a lot of strengths = tiene muchas fortalezas

as far as I know = que yo sepa, por lo que yo sé

skills and qualifications = habilidades y títulos

have a seat = siéntate / siéntese

interview people = entrevistar a gente

bump into each other = nos tropezamos/cruzamos

work as a team = trabajar en equipo

hard-working = trabajador (adj.)

Read the conversation below / Lee la conversación de abajo:

A: Hi Robin, do you have a minute? I’d like to talk you through the applications for job number FD/395. I’ve got the references for the candidates.

B: Ah, the Oslo job. Sure, come in and have a seat.

A: OK. So, we have Christina Noonan, she’s Irish. She is an experienced sales advisor in our Dublin branch.

B: What exactly does she do ?

A: She advises customers, processes customers’ orders and deals with queries and complaints.

B: And what does her reference say?

A: Well, it says she has a vast knowledge of mobile technology, she is reliable and popular with colleagues and customers.

B: That sounds excellent.  What languages does she speak?

A: Well, that’s a bit of a problem. She speaks only English.

B: Oh, what a pity. She sounds like a perfect candidate but the job requires knowledge of French or German. Now what about the other candidate?

Do the exercise below / Haz el ejercicio de abajo:

the “I’ve got the references for the candidates” quiz!


Congratulations – you have completed the “I’ve got the references for the candidates” quiz!.

You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%.

Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%

Your answers are highlighted below.


Shaded items are complete.
1 2 3 4 5

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Cuantos portatiles tenemos? = How many laptops do we have?

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Quite small – bastante pequeño

Over there – (por) allí

Colleague – compañero de trabajo

What about you? – ¿Y tú?

How many _____ do you need? - ¿Cuántos _____ necesitas?


Laptop – portátil

Chair – silla

Door – puerta

File – archivo, archivador

Printer – impresora

Keyboard – teclado

Computer mouse – ratón

Loudspeakers – altavoces

To reserve – reservar

Conference room – sala de conferencias

Read the conversation / Lee la conversacion:

A: How many laptops have we got?

B: Three. They’re all in that big box near the door.

A: And where is the new printer?

B: It’s in that box, over there, near the window.

A: What do you need for your office?

B: We need three more chairs, five keyboards and lots of files.

A: All right. You can take them.

B: Can we have these computer mice, too?

A: No, sorry. We need them for these computers.

B: And what about those loudspeakers? Can we have them in our office?

A: No, sorry. They’re for the conference room.

Complete the quiz below! / Haz el concurso de abajo:

the “Cuantos portatiles tenemos?” quiz

Bienvenido al concurso! Rellena los espacios en blanco con la palabras correctas.


Congratulations – you have completed the “Cuantos portatiles tenemos?” quiz.

You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%.

Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%

Your answers are highlighted below.


Shaded items are complete.
1 2 3 4 5

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