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American Hustle

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Make Valentine’s Day a Feat of Love

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Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana

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Mandela: The Life of a Great Leader

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5 Ways to Start the New Year Right!

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The Global Forecast for 2013

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feat1_forecast_BIGThis week’s Love Speaking magazine feature is called ‘The Global Forecast for 2013′ and discusses the highs and lows of 2012 and how we can use them to predict if 2013 will bring good or bad things. Read this short extract for the article and take note of the new vocabulary, and if you want more sign up for your FREE Love Speaking magazine trial to test other sections of the magazine.

After a volatile 2012, another new year is upon us. Some people are going into 2013 with caution, and who can blame them? After all, 2012 wasn’t for the faint of heart. Natural disasters wreaked havoc all around the globe, the financial crisis made little improvement and more families were feeling the squeeze of inflation and unemployment. On a good note, there were many highlights in 2012 too. The Olympics and royal wedding in the UK seemed to bring the world together, if only for a short while in the summer. To much of the world’s relief, Barack Obama was voted in for a second term as the president of the USA. The Curiosity rover landed on Mars and gave us picture-perfect images of the Red Planet, and Felix Baumgartner did an extreme skydive from Space. How can 2013 top that?!

There’s no doubt that 2013 will bring many surprises, both good and bad. Not everyone likes a surprise though, so for now, let’s stick with the forecasted trends for 2013. These predictions are made by global analysts andthink tanks who, at the beginning of every year, publish reports to give us a taste of what’s to come. 

Nuevo vocabulario

volatile (adj.) = having many unexpected changes

the faint of heart (n.) = people who scare easily or aren’t brave

The Red Planet (n.) = Mars

global analyst (n.) = an expert in global economics

think tank (n.) = a group of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems

to give a taste of (idiom.) = to preview, or give a small bit of information on something

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Highlights of 2012

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Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2013 already? Before we move onto the new year, let’s take a look back at the highlights of 2012 as featured in the Love Speaking blog for this week. YOU can try out the Love Speaking magazine for FREE by clicking the link at the bottom of the blog post. What are your personal highlights of 2012?

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Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. This year marked the 60th anniversary of her ascension to the throne of the U.K, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, amongst sixteen other states. She is the only other royal besides Queen Victoria to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee.

The Summer Olympic Games. While they happen every four years, the Olympic Games are a time for the world to come together. With London in the background, the Fab Five, the U.S., female gymnastics team, left everyone amazed; Michael Phelps reached 22 medals, the highest all-time; and Usain Bolt proved to be the fastest man alive yet again. Women had a big role in these Olympics, as they were the first to host female athletes in every single sport.

Re-election of president Obama. After what seemed like an eternity of campaigning, an odd group of political characters, and a billion dollar campaign, President Obama defeated Mitt Romney on the sixth of November.

Nuevo vocabulario

Ascension (n.) = the rise, succession

Host (n.) = the one who receives or entertains others

Eternity (n.) = infinite time, without a a beginning or end

Odd (adj.) = strange, different from what is expected

Campaign (n.) = the competition by rival political candidates

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Could 2012 Be The End Of The World?

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One in every seven people around the world, or fifteen percent, believe the world will end during the course of their lives. U.S., China and Turkey have the most believers, with about 22 percent thinking the end is near. But why 2012? This date comes from the supposed doomsday prophecy made by the Mayan calendar. The prediction says that the world will end on December 21, 2012. Read an extract of the article below:

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Anthropologists have explained that Mayans did make predictions, but these were not fatalistic. They never said anything about the end of the world. The obsession with this thought has been more common in Western thinking.

So why has the prediction gained so much support? Extremists might use this information to abuse the fear of others. There is a lot of money in encouraging people’s fears and releasing books, movies, and related products. It has also received a lot of media attention. The Internet has allowed it to gain much more attention than other panics. There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the subject. NASA offered a special service called “ask an Astrobiologist,” and received thousands of questions on whether people should kill themselves, their children and their pets. It has also appeared on many documentaries and references in television.

Nuevo vocabulario

Doomsday (n.) = the day of the Last Judgment, at the end of the world

Fatalistic (adj.) =  accepting a belief that everything is inevitable

Extremist (n.) = a supporter of extreme practices

Abuse (n.) =  to use incorrectly

Encourage (v.) = to stimulate

Panic (n.) =  a widespread terror

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