This guy takes ‘selfies’ next to couples kissing in public

Selfies & PDAs

Here’s a guy taking a ‘selfie’ with a couple engaging in PDA.

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In an earlier post, we looked at how some words, including ‘Selfie’, had been added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online. Well, today the word ‘selfie’ has come up again…

Do you remember what it means? Well, I’ll remind you, just in case:


selfie, n. (informal): a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.


[En Español se podría definir un ‘selfie’ como un autorretrato hecho en un móvil y subido a las redes sociales.]

Here’s Pablo Picasso taking a selfie:


pablo picasso taking a selfie

Image source: Design Taxi


So now you know what a ‘selfie’ is, it’s time to move on to our next word of the day: ‘PDA’.

For our definition of ‘PDA’, yet again I refer to the Urban Dictionary.

PDA. Public Displays of Affection, can be seen in the form of kissing, touching, groping, licking, nuzzling, cuddling, crossing hands into each other’s opposite back pockets, etc. Usually spotted among new couples, frisky teenagers, and occasionally the “young at heart” (god help us).

[Pués basicamente es una demostración publica de afecto, que incluye besos, toques etc y se ve mucho con las parejas nuevas, los teenagers cachondos y los ‘jóvenes de corazón’. Suelen sentirse incomodos los que se encuentren cerca de la pareja.]

So why am I talking about ‘selfies’ and ‘PDAs’? Well, I’ve come across someone who takes selfies next to couples who are making out in public, i.e. engaging in PDA. The content comes from Wingmanning, a Tumbler dedicated to pictures of Drew Phillips standing next to couples that are making out/snogging/getting it on in public. It’s the best thing I’ve seen so far this week. The funniest thing is the way in which he stands, completely straight-faced, right next to these couples. None of the lovers seem to even notice that they are the protagonists of a whole tumblr account…

Below I’ve inserted some of my favourite photos from the tumblr page for your enjoyment!


1. Have you ever had a couple doing a PDA in front of you at a concert?


Selfies & PDAs

Photo source:


2. There’s nothing like a nice PDA on the beach..


Image source:

Image source:


3. Buy one PDA, get one free!


Image source:

Image source:


4. Stripy selfie:


selfies & pdas

Image Source:


5. Did you really think you were safe on the balcony?


selfies & pdas

Image source:


See the Wing-manning Tumblr.

Do you have any funny selfies? Post them on the Love Speaking facebook page, we’d love to see them!


just in case (adverb) = por si acaso

to come across (verb) = encontrar por casualidad

to nuzzle (verb) = acariciar con el hocico

making out/snogging/getting it on (verb, ing form) = ligar, enrollarse con alguien

straight-faced (adjective) = imperturbable, serio

stripy (adjective) = a rayas

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