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American Hustle

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Make Valentine’s Day a Feat of Love

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Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana

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Mandela: The Life of a Great Leader

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5 Ways to Start the New Year Right!

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Something for the Weekend

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Movie of the week: The Words

The Words follows young writer who finally achieves long sought after literary success after publishing the next great American novel. There’s only one catch – he didn’t write it. As the past comes back to haunt him and his literary stardom continues to rise, he is forced to confront the steep price that must be paid for stealing another man’s work, and for placing ambition and success above life’s most fundamental three words.

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 Watch the trailer!

Album of the week: Take Me Home by One Direction

‘Take Me Home’ is the title of One Direction’s latest album after the huge success of their previous album, ‘Up All Night’. One Direction are also set to embark on their second concert tour, the 2013 World Tour, in February 2013. Announced by member Liam Payne at the 2012 BRIT Awards in early 2012, the original concert tour was billed as the UK & Ireland Arena Tour. In mid-2012, the concert tour expanded with legs in North America and Australasia following the band’s international breakthrough. Critical reception for the album was mixed, with positive reviewers praising the show-stopping pop anthems.

Listen now!

Amazing fact of the week: Honey

There’s a lot of commotion around the “buy local” mantra these days, but there may be more in it for you that you realize, especially when it comes to honey. By buying locally-produced honey, your body gets small doses of the same pollen that can trigger your allergies. In the same fashion that a vaccine works, by giving your body the honey, allergies may be dramatically reduced. So the closer you live to the beekeeper, the better off you are!

Nuevo vocabulario

stardom (n.) = fame, success = estrellato

fundamental (adj.) = basic, essential = fundamental

legs (n.) = part of the course of travel = tramo

mantra (n.) = a constantly repeated word or phrase = mantra

pollen (n.) = powder substance produced by seed-bearing plants = polen

VIDEO: Hershey’s Chocolate

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In our video, you can see exactly how chocolate is made from the first step until the final step when the chocolate bars are being packaged. However, in recent news it has been suggested that cocoa is under threat as temperatures become too hot in Africa to grow them properly as a result of climate change. Would you miss chocolate if it could no longer be produced?

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Nuevo vocabulario

thrive (v.) = plants growing heathilymedrar

ferment (v.) = process of conversion with heat = fermentar

roaster (n.) = heater = tostador

cocoa beans (n.) = seed of the cacao tree = granos de cacao

evaporation (n.) = liquid turning to vapour = evaporación

TOEIC Top Tips 9

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So you’re taking the TOEIC test, congratulations!

Love Speaking is here to give you some very helpful tips on how to successfully prepare yourself for the test every week. Read our top 3 tips for this week below.

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Tip #1: Stop translating

The thing that slows down listening and reading comprehension most is translating things into your own language in your head. You can start to think only in English by using an English-English dictionary, not using translations in your lists of vocabulary to learn, and learning whole phrases of English.


Tip #2: Join a study group

Just sitting next to someone studying the same thing as you can help you to discipline yourself you not take too many breaks. You can also test each other on what you have been trying to learn and try and explain why certain answers are wrong.

TOEIC Problems and Error Correction

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TOEIC correctionWelcome to Love Speaking’s TOEIC problems and error correction blog post where you will be able to discover new ways to solve any errors you make in the reading section of the TOEIC test. The problem we will be looking at in this blog are similar words.

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TOEIC Problem: Similar Words

It is easy to confuse words that have similar meanings or similar spellings. However, these words CANNOT be interchanged. Check out some examples below:

  • accept / except
  • advise / advice
  • affect / effect
  • lose / loose
  • say / tell

Solution: Pay attention to both the meaning and spelling of the word


1. Incorrect: Mr. Chang said his secretary to schedule a meeting.

Correct: Mr. Chang told his secretary to schedule a meeting.

2. Incorrect: My shoelace is lose.

Correct: My shoelace is loose.


1. ‘Say’ is followed by a direct object. ‘Tell’ is followed by an indirect object. Use ‘say’ when you just say something. (Mr. Chang said to schedule a meeting.) Use ‘tell’ when you say something to someone else. (Mr Chang. told his secretary to schedule a meeting.)

2. The spelling of a word can change it into a different word. To ‘lose’ something means that you cannot find it. Check the spelling; ‘lose’ should be ‘loose’, which means not tight. 

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Strikes Sweep Europe

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This week’s Love Speaking magazine features an article about the recent strikes across Europe. They are tired of having no jobs, of losing their homes and having to live on the breadline. They blame the banks for the current economic crisis and don’t see why they should have to pay the price while the banks receive government aid funded through public money. Read the rest of this extract below:

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 ‘I’m on strike because those who work are basically being blackmailed into sacrificing more and more in the name of debt reduction, which is a big lie,’ said one protestor, Daniel Santos de Jesus, 43, who is a teacher of architecture at the Lisbon Technical University.

On the 14th of November, many transport services and factories were disrupted and thousands of people marched into city squares in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Athens and Rome.

Iberia, Spain’s national airline and Vueling, the country’s low-budget carrier cancelled up to 600 flights. In Portugal, the country’s flagship carrier, TAP, cancelled 45 percent of its flights.

Likewise only 20 percent of Spain’s long distance trains and a third of its commuter trains were running on Wednesday. The Metro was completely shut down in Lisbon and 10 percent of long distance trains were in service but only after a court order forced them to do so.

Nuevo vocabulario

blackmail (v.) = to force money from someone illegally = chantajear

to sacrifice (v.) = to give something up with great difficulty = sacrificar

debt reduction (n.) = to decrease in money owed = reducción de la deuda

disrupt (v.) = to cause a disruption / to interrupt = interrumpir

flagship (adj.) = important = principal

a court order (n.) = an order that forces people to do something by law = orden judicial

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Something for the Weekend

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Movie of the week: Cosmopolis

New York City, not-too-distant-future: Eric Packer, a 28 year-old finance golden boy dreaming of living in a civilization ahead of this one, watches a dark shadow cast over the firmament of the Wall Street galaxy, of which he is the uncontested king. As he is chauffeured across midtown Manhattan to get a haircut, his eyes are glued to the Yuan exchange rate: it is mounting against all expectations, destroying his bet against it. Eric Packer is losing his empire with every minute.

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Album of the week: The 2nd Law by Muse

‘The 2nd Law’ is the sixth studio album by English alternative rock band Muse. Critical reception was favourable, with praise directed towards the album’s ambition and bombastic tendencies; whilst also being criticized for incorporating too many genres and influences.  In an interview, the band mentioned that they had experimented with music and sounds in particular, which makes this album their most experimental piece they have ever created.

 Listen now!

Amazing fact of the week: Rubix cubes

Every possible state of a standard Rubix cube can be solved in 20 moves or less. Anyone who is serious about trying to solve the Rubix cube can use algorithms and sequences to solve the puzzle in a little number of steps. Algorithms that can be remembered by humans can be used to solve it in 40 moves or less, but with the use of a computer, this number can be halved to 20.

Nuevo vocabulario

civilization (n.) = culture, society = civilización

uncontested (adj.) = not challenged = incontestado

chauffeured (v.) = privately driven = conducido

bombastic (adj.) = high-sounding, pretentious = bombástico

experimental (adj.) = testing technique = experimental

algorithm (n.) = problem-solving sequences = algoritmo

VIDEO: Growing Up in the White House

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Can you imagine what it would be like to live your childhood in one of the most important houses of the United States, the White House? With another 4 years of their Dad as president, Malia Ann and Sasha Obama will continue to grow up in front of the public and on camera. Take a look with the video below:

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Nuevo vocabulario

scrapbook (n.) = album used for cuttings and photos = álbum de recortes

to hoist (v.) = to lift someone up = elevar

marvel (v.) = to be impressed with something = maravillarse

shoulder-to-shoulder (adv.) = to be the same height = a la misma altura

glimpse (n.) = a brief sighting = vistazo

TOEIC Top Tips 8

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More TOEIC tips from Love Speaking!


So you´re taking the TOEIC test, congratulations!

Love Speaking is here to give you some very helpful tips on how to successfully prepare yourself for the test every week. Read our top 3 tips for this week below.

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Tip #1: Change everything to English

Some of the reading texts and listening texts in the exam are instructions on how to use machines and office equipment. Changing the language of your mobile phone, iPod, laptop, search engine etc. to English can be good practice for this.


Tip #2: Online chat

If you don’t have the chance to speak English, the closest thing you can find is text chatting online. This is fairly similar to speaking as you have to write in real time and there is quite a lot of functional language like greeting people, apologizing etc. that is like the language you will hear in the Listening part of the test.

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TOEIC Reading Practice: Vocabulary

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When doing reading practice and trying to discover the meaning of words, you can often use other words in the same sentence or in the nearby sentences as clues to get an idea of the meaning of the expression. These surrounding words are called the context. The following can also help you discover the meaning of a word:

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The first state to institute compulsory education was Massachusetts, which made it mandatory for students to attend school twelve weeks a year.

  • The word ‘mandatory’ is a synonym for compulsory. If it is mandatory to attend school, then compulsory education must mean “mandatory”, “required”, “necessary”.

Word analysis

A tiger standing in tall grass is almost invisible because of its striped markings.

  • The prefix in- often means “not”. The root -vis- means “see.” The suffix -ible means “able to be.” Even if you are not familiar with the word ‘invisible’, you could probably guess that it means “not able to be seen.”

Test yourself!

the “TOEIC Reading Practice: Vocabulary” quiz

Match the definition with correct word or phrase.


Congratulations – you have completed the “TOEIC Reading Practice: Vocabulary” quiz.

You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%.

Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%

Your answers are highlighted below.


Shaded items are complete.
1 2 3 4 5


Green Capitals of Europe

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Not all European cities are created equally when it comes to nature and respect for the environment. Some city governments have passed legislation to build greener metropolises for their residents because of public pressure or forward-thinking politicians. Read our Magazine extract below about the European Green Capital Award:

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What Is the European Green Capital Award?

The European Green Capital Award grew out of an initiative launched by fifteen European cities and the Association of Estonian Cities in 2006 in Tallinn, Estonia. The idea was the brainchild of Jüri Ratas, the former mayor of Tallinn. Their ‘green vision’ was translated into a joint Memorandum to the European Commission establishing an award to recognize cities leading the way in environmentally-friendly urban living.

The award pays tribute to Europe’s ‘greenest’ city based on its performance in relation to ten key factors. These include air quality, sustainable land use, waste management and water consumption. But how do they pick a winner? Interested cities must apply for the award and then convince the board through proof that they are the greenest of the green.

Nuevo vocabulario

launched (v.) = to start a new business = fundar

brainchild (n.) = someone’s idea = creación, idea

joint (adj.) = when work together = conjunto

pay tribute (v.) = to show respect = brindar tributo

waste (n.) = material that is not wanted = desechos

board (n.) = group of people who make a joint decision = consejo 

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