Monday morning blues!

Oh don’t we all have that sinking sensation on our stomach as Monday morning approaches! I’ve just had a wonderful weekend walking in the countryside, scrambling over rocks and best of all celebrating birthday parties! I’ve been baking  and trying to become a domestic goddess. Now one of the most traditional birthday cakes in England is the Victoria Sponge cake. It’s a simple recipe to follow and it’s absolutely delicious. It’s also a good way to practice your English by looking through food blogs! And even if you don’t fancy whipping up  a cake, there is some good imperatives which you can practice.

Vocabulario : Word up!
  • sinking sensation = tener un mal presentimiento
  • Baking = haciendo pasteles
  • whipping up = preparar rápido

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Don’t forget imperatives are the base verb!

Read the instructions!

Preheat the oven.
Cream the butter and the sugar. (batir juntos)
Beat in the eggs. (batir)
Fold in the flour. (incorporar algo a algo)
Bake for 20 minutes. (hornear)
Spread the jam on the cooked cakes.(untar)
Add some strawberries for improved flavour.

Vocabulario Culinario : Word up!
  • cream = tener un mal presentimiento
  • Beat = haciendo pasteles
  • Fold in = preparar rápido
  • Bake = hornear
  • Spread = untar

Good luck with your cake!

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