Are you a fully functioning adult?


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15 Reasons Why You’re Not A Fully Functioning Adult

Recently, I’ve been joking a lot with my friends about how I still don’t quite feel like a fully functioning adult. When I discuss my job, my hopes for the future, my friends’ jobs (doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers, etc.), I feel amazed that we’re already at this stage of our lives. Where did all the years go? 

You see, the thing is that I’m deluded enough to think that I’m still in my early twenties (not true at all), and that everything is fun and games, and light hearted. Then you receive a letter in the post from your bank, a phone call from your boss, or get invited to a wedding.  You suddenly realise that without knowing it, you’ve grown up and that society expects you to be a fully functioning adult.

The other day my friend, Faye, shared a hilarious article on my facebook wall from the online magazine, BuzzFeed. The article is titled, “21 Ways In Which You’re Not A Functional Adult”. While reading it, I identified with almost all of the points, and could not stop laughing. I liked it so much that I thought I’d share it here. I’ve included some of my favourites below and I’ve also added a few..


1. When something in your house breaks, you have no idea how to fix it.



Source: BuzzFeed


2. You can never readily put together a meal from what’s already in your fridge.



Source: BuzzFeed

Does anyone want Gingerboy?


3. You aren’t really able to do all those healthy things you’re supposed to be doing by now.



Source: BuzzFeed


4. Getting up is still the worst thing in the world.


Are you a functioning adult?

Bed IS amazing. Source: BuzzFeed

You should ask my housemates.


5. You Still Have No Idea Where Your Money Goes.



Source: BuzzFeed

Yeah, this is me too.


6. Which means by the time it’s payday, you’re buying food using spare change.



Source: BuzzFeed


7. This doesn’t prevent you from having an iPhone, overpriced headphones, and dim sum at inappropriate times.



Source: BuzzFeed

Yeah, but it was seriously worth it.


8. Your inability to plan ahead means you often spend significant amounts of time doing nothing.


doing nothing

Source: BuzzFeed


9. Or panicking because there are too many things.



Source: BuzzFeed…do!!!! Stop making me make decisions!


10. When you have tried to keep any plants, they have died.


plant died

Source: BuzzFeed

Every single one.


11. Not only do you not know about politics, you’re not sure why you’re supposed to.


politics - what?

Source: BuzzFeed


12. You never have clean laundry when you need it.


never have clean laundry

Source: BuzzFeed


13. Crucial paperwork for running your life confuses you.


paperwork is so confusing

Source: BuzzFeed

Especially for a guiri living in Madrid. The words ‘Declaración de la Renta’ make me feel sick.


14. So, you call your parents, who react like this:


Photo source: Photo by Beth Wilson


15. And then you feel like this:


Are you a functing adult?



To see the article on BuzzFeed, click here.



fully functioning adult = adulto en pleno funcionamiento

amazed (adjective) = alucinado

deluded (adjective) enough (adverb of quantity) = bastante crédulo

fun and games = actividad que debería ser lúdica en lugar de seria

light hearted = poco serio, desenfadado

hilarious = muy gracioso

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