American Elections

How will Americans choose which presidential candidate to cast their vote for  in the election on November 6th? What does each American political party value most highly, and how does the election process work? This is the theme for this week’s Love Speaking magazine features article! Read an extract below:

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American elections: Extract

Disagreement between Democrats and Republicans has lead to social division and turmoil in the US as the November 6th election nears. But what is likely to sway some Americans to vote for Obama, the Democrat, and others for Romney, the Republican? And what values does each presidential candidate’s party represent?

The conservative Republican Party values traditional family structures. The majority of Republicans staunchly oppose gay marriage and abortion, and many Republicans’ views are heavily impacted by the Christian religion. Mitt Romney takes a less conservative stance on these social issues, but is very conservative on economic issues.

Geographically, Americans in the Northeast and on the West Coast tend to vote Democratic, while middle and southern states tend to vote Republican. Some states, like Colorado and Ohio, are considered “swing states” because their voting patterns are inconsistent and they have many independent voters.

Nuevo vocabulario

Turmoil (n.) = Commotion, turbulence = tormenta política

Sway (v.) = to influence = influir

Presidential candidate (n.) = a person running for president = candidato presencial

Staunchly (adv.) = strongly, passionately = incondicionalmente

Independent voters (n.) = voters who are not part of a political party = votantes independientes

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